Pakistani Taliban Says Not Responsible for NY Bomb Attempt

May 6, 2010 Updated: May 6, 2010

The Pakistani Taliban has denied responsibility for the failed car bombing in Times Square May 1, contradicting earlier claims by the group.

A Taliban spokesperson told the Associated Press that they had nothing to do with the attempted bombing but called the attempt a "brave job," and said "such attacks are welcome."

Spokesman Azam Tariq said, “We have no relation with Faisal. However, he is our Muslim brother.”

Faisal Shahzad allegedly attempted to set off a homemade car bomb made out of propane tanks, gasoline canisters, fertilizer, and fireworks at Times Square in New York.

He was arrested on Monday night as he was departing for Dubai.

AP reports that U.S. law enforcement officials had traveled to Pakistan to questions members of a militant group about a possible connection to Shahzad.

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