Our World in 7 Headlines: Aug. 30

By Epoch Times Staff
Epoch Times Staff
Epoch Times Staff
August 30, 2013 Updated: August 30, 2013

Australia: Animal Liberation activists launch spy drone to test free-range claims

Animal Liberation activists have dramatically stepped up their campaign against intensive livestock production, with their first official investigation using a hexacopter drone to capture aerial footage.

The animal rights charity purchased a $14,000 aircraft earlier this year and had it fitted with a $3,000 high-definition video camera, stabilisers and a 10-times zoom lens. …

Australian Broadcasting Corporation 


South Korea: New Zealand bikers arrive in S. Korea through inter-Korean border

Five New Zealand motorcyclists crossed the heavily armed inter-Korean border from North Korea to South Korea on Thursday with the goal of promoting peace on the divided peninsula, officials here said. …

Korea Herald


Canada: Arcade game tries to put brakes on jaywalkers

A game featuring old-school video arcade graphics is being used to discourage bar patrons from jaywalking, particularly in the entertainment districts around Whyte and Jasper Avenues. [play online here]

“J. Walker” was produced in Edmonton with $30,000 from Responsible Hospitality Edmonton and will soon start showing up in local bars. …

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation 


Germany: Aging Together: A New Way to Avoid Late-Life Loneliness

Getting old often means getting lonely. Five pensioners from Hamburg tried to improve their lives by moving into a shared apartment. …

Erika is Heini’s new love, or perhaps even his first love. Heini, 75, is sitting next to her in the kitchen of the fourth-floor apartment on Königstraße in Hamburg that they now share, along with three other elderly people. They had the courage to start somethingnew. …

Der Spiegel


Chile: Chilean Congress debates controversial ‘Monsanto Law’ 

Senators discuss law which would allow multinational companies to be granted ownership of new strains of seeds.

On Tuesday night protesters gathered in plazas across Chile to voice their opposition to a bill which would permit the patenting of unique plant species, dubbed the “Monsanto Law.” …

The Santiago Times


New Zealand: Air NZ grounds mid-air scare plane

An Air New Zealand plane which suddenly lost cabin pressure this morning, causing 76 alarmed passengers to don emergency oxygen masks, is grounded while accident investigators look into the incident. …

The New Zealand Herald


Zimbabwe: Hello and Welcome to Disneyland Zimbabwe!

This week, Zimbabwe’s tourism minister Walter Mzembi announced plans to build a $300-million entertainment complex, which he described as “Disneyland in Africa”.

Even though it hasn’t been built yet, Mzembi is so excited about the project that he’s already written the speech he’s going to give at its official opening. …

Daily Maverick


Epoch Times Staff
Epoch Times Staff