Oprah Hoax: ‘Bill Cosby Drugged and Tried to Rape me’ Article Totally Fake

December 20, 2014 Updated: December 20, 2014

An article claiming Oprah Winfrey said Bill Cosby “tried to rape” her is fake.

The bogus article was posted on Nahadaily.com, a satirical news site. It had tens of thousands of shares on Friday.

Here’s the disclaimer for the site at the bottom of the page: “NahaDaily is a daily satirical news source. Meaning complete fiction.”

It also says here: “NahaDaily is completely fictional and is based off of current events in urban culture and entertainment. This is satire and parody.”

Many users on Facebook and Twitter appeared to believe the fake piece.

“I personally don’t believe Bill Cosby raped her or any of the women that said he allegedly raped them. It’s been years and I get if it happened they were scared to speak on it when it first happened. But I don’t understand why you would put on a front around him in front of cameras. Shouldn’t you distance yourself from the person that did you that way. All these years and now things want to come out to the public. And no Oprah’s word is not like Jesus it will never be. But that’s just my opinion. Leave Bill Cosby alone he’s living his life so live yours,” one person wrote.

Added another: “As old as she is and as much as she runs that big fat mouth, if she waited this long to say something then is more than likely a TOTAL LIE. She has been on tv for like FOREVER and is highly intelligent. She knows better.”

But one person said, “Literally if anyone took the time to scroll to the bottom of this page you’d see it’s fake. This is a satirical news website, mean entirely fake. They even said so themselves.”

The article reads in part:

“He’s funny, but not that funny. Thats when I knew the drugs kicked in, because I was laughing a little too much” Said Oprah Winfrey about her run in with comedian Bill Cosby.

The raining queen of daytime Tv Oprah Winfrey is set to reveal she was drugged by comedian Bill Cosby on an OWN network show episode, but decided to wait before revealing it, because she’s not into ruining a black man.

“He was never able to rape me; Even while drugged I overpowered him, but let’s just say he got to second base” Said the media Mogul to Iyanla in this scathing interview that will probably be the end of Bill Cosby being that Oprah’s word is golden to whites and blacks worldwide.