Once-Banned Architect Develops ‘Super Green’ Building in Brooklyn

By Catherine Yang, Epoch Times
December 10, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

NEW YORK—An architect who was barred three years ago has been given the green light to develop a solar and wind powered building that will create surplus energy in Brighton Beach.

Plans for the “Bright ‘n’ Green” building on 67 Brighton First Lane, include installing wind turbines and 133 solar panels to supply energy for all the residents as well as feed back into the power grid, though at night it will have to draw power. The architect Robert Scarano expects it to average out to zero.

“You will never have to pay for utilities here,” Scarano told the Brooklyn Daily. 

In 2010, Scarano was temporarily barred from filing construction plans with the city and was accused of “deliberately overbuilding” by judge Joan Salzman. He had been charged with submitting false statements in 2008 and community groups had criticized him for disregarding zoning laws.

“Mr. Scarano repeatedly submitted false documents in an attempt to circumvent the law and have illegal buildings approved,” building commissioner Robert LiMandri stated. 

Earlier this year he was reportedly brought onto the green building project as a “consulting conservationist.”

The building has two duplexes, two apartments, and ground floor commercial space.