Olivia McFallar Enjoying Her Fifteen Minutes on Beyonce – But New Record Release Won’t Help

DO WE REALLY THINK BEYONCE KNOWLES-CARTER SWEATS attention seeking wannabe’s who can’t further their careers without using her name or the  name of  her husband?? Do we really? People who can’t further their careers on the merit of their own talent?  I don’t think so.

I must be honest and note that I do not even consider myself a hard-core Beyonce or JayZ fan. That being said I’ve taken note of the Beyonce persona over the past decade.  Swinging from the chandeliers at some club? No.  Jumping from man to man?  No.  Trash talking industry peers? No.  People can hate all they want but Beyonce has always presented herself as a class act. 

Even in the proverbial “elevator” what was Beyonce doing?  She was doing the  cool, the calm, the copacetic.  We may have gotten a glimpse into the saucy temperament of little sister Solange (and God bless her), but this elevator scandal was the perfect opportunity to catch Beyonce in the raw.  Yet, it did not happen.  We could garner nothing unfavorable on Beyonce.  Her conduct in the elevator was beyond reproach.

Over the years her marriage to rap sensation JayZ  placed her under even more scrutiny.  She became his wife.  Had his child.  Did the Mrs. Carter Tour.  The On The Run Tour.   When she feels forced to tell her critics and haters where to kiss, she’s got enough testosterone to tell them (not a quote >>)if you’re hating that much you must think I’m the Queen.. then heck… I guess I am.  I’ve got good looks.  I’ve got a voice.  The husband.  The Baby.  The hit songs. The endorsements.  The movie deals. The sold out concert tours.  The millions.  Stop crying… just act the way you think and bow down!

I couldn’t even hate on Beyonce for self-aggrandizing lyrics.  Bottom line (no matter how it happened or who was behind it) –  Beyonce is the current-day, undisputed queen of pop.  While I can only really name about three to four Beyonce songs that that I’ve taken a liking to over the years, the truth remains that even though she isn’t a favorite of mine I personally have nothing against Queen Bey.  To the contrary…  I rather like ‘er.

Here’s a question we may want to ask Olivia.  How respectable does she look bragging to a woman about the attention she is receiving from that woman’s husband and using it as a career enhancement tool? Not very respectable at all.   As a result many may indeed take a brief voyeuristic glimpse into her world and what she produces. That’s only human nature.  That being said she will only ride on the fast alternate track of limited, short-lived  fame, with just as limited and short-lived monetary gain. 

I suggest that McFallar save and wisely invest her fifteen minutes worth of  money – however much that may be, because the monetary gain that she achieves via her antics will be easily and quickly spent.  She’ll never garner riches and wealth in the numbers that have been amassed by Beyonce Knowles-Carter and her husband, but if she’s wise she might amass a nest egg for herself after her looks fade (not that she’s at all that easy to look at.).

Do wealthy, successful men have or seek mistresses??? Absolutely.  Do all of them seek this?  But of course not. The law of averages simply wouldn’t allow.  Did Jayz seek out Olivia as a mistress?  Perhaps not – or  perhaps so. 

If JayZ did seek Olivia out as a mistress she most certainly wasn’t likely to be the first woman he’s asked and if she wasn’t the first then it would hardly be a surprise to Mrs. Carter.  Honestly folks, the average man or woman knows who they’re married to.  Do we really think Mrs. Carter doesn’t??  So with regard to Olivia seeking a reaction from Mrs. Carter – what would she be looking for Mrs. Carter to do or say?  Please note that I ask that question rhetorically because we really have no idea if Olivia really cares to harm Beyonce Knowles.  It could all be just a means to a paycheck for her.  That being said, let’s keep in mind that this isn’t Beyonce’s first rodeo.  I’m certain she’s battled it out with far more formidable opponents than the likes of Olivia McFallar.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it

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