Ohio Teen Charged in School Shootings

March 1, 2012 Updated: March 1, 2012

T.J. Lane, the 17-year-old Ohio high school student suspected of shooting and killing three students earlier this week, was charged with three juvenile counts of murder in a court on Thursday, according to media reports.

Lane was also charged in court with two counts of attempted murder and a single count of assault, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported.

Officials and witnesses say that Lane opened fire on several students at Chardon High School’s cafeteria on Monday morning. Three students were killed, and two were seriously injured, while one student’s ear was grazed by a bullet.

A prosecutor in the case, David Joyce, told the WKYC television station that there would be a hearing later this month to ascertain whether Lane should be tried as an adult.

Joyce said that if Lane were convicted as a juvenile, he would receive a few years in prison, but if he were convicted as an adult, life imprisonment would likely be his punishment, the station reported.