Florida Officer’s Quick-Thinking Action Save Baby’s Life

April 18, 2019 Updated: May 9, 2019

A three-month-old baby boy is rescued by a quick-thinking policeman who was stopped by the side of the road by the child’s distraught mother.

Marion County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Jeremy Nix can be seen in video captured by his cruiser’s dashboard camera as he returns home after a shift being flagged down by a passing motorist who promptly runs from her vehicle with her three-month-old baby boy, Kingston, in her arms and completely unresponsive. She passes the tiny child to Deputy Nix and asks him desperately, “Don’t let my baby die.”

Deputy Nix can then be seen performing several life-saving measures on the little boy. However, with no improvement in the child’s condition apparent and not wanting to risk the wait for an ambulance, he decides to rush him to the nearest hospital in his police car, after reporting over his radio that he is “not waiting on medics”. He can be heard desperately adding, “I’m a half mile away from ORC. I’m headed to the emergency room with the baby.”

We then see more dash cam footage of the desperate journey as the car travels at speed towards the hospital before finally stopping outside the emergency room and the policeman exiting the vehicle, child still grasped tightly in his arms as he heads towards the awaiting medical staff.

Although we don’t see what happens to the child once inside the hospital the video ends with the grinning policeman pictured next to a smiling and awake Kingston, as he lay waiting further treatment in a hospital bed and the final shot shows Deputy Nix holding the little boy wrapped in a blanket and grinning to the camera.

There is no doubt that Nix’s quick actions saved the child’s life.

Video Credit: Marion County Sheriff’s Office