Plan to Overhaul NYC’s Subway System Unveiled

May 25, 2018 Last Updated: May 25, 2018

On Wednesday, May 23, the New York City Transit unveiled a plan, called Fast Forward that aims to create a massive overhaul of the city’s subway and bus system, reported Fox News.

The Fast Forward plan was presented to the MTA board by NYC Transit President Andy Byford.

The plan could be completed in 10 years, according to Fox News, which is 30 years sooner than previously expected.

According to the plan, the signal system will be overhauled in the first five years. A modern signaling system called Communications-Based Train Control, also known as CBTC, will be installed on five lines—the F line, the G line, Lexington Avenue, Eighth Avenue, and Queens Boulevard. Three million daily riders are expected to benefit from this, reported Fox news.

“That critical system, which adds capacity and exponentially improves reliability,” Byford said.

Wheelchair accessibility is also expected to improve in the first five years, along with elevators being added to 50 stations. Six hundred and fifty new subway cars, 2,800 new buses, upgrades to stations will also be expected in the first five years.

John Raskin, executive director of Riders Alliance, has questioned the funding viability for this plan, asking Gov. Andrew Cuomo to intervene.

“Now we need Governor Cuomo’s leadership and we need the state Legislature’s help to pass a funding source so this plan can become a reality,” Raskin said.

Some reports suggest the project could cost more than $19 billion, however MTA Chairman Joe Lhota said that figure is incorrect as they don’t yet have a price tag, reported Fox news.

Credit: Fox news