NY Times’ Hiring of Sarah Jeong Shows Progressive Left Is Getting Desperate

August 9, 2018 Updated: August 9, 2018

A controversy erupted when The New York Times revealed it had hired Sarah Jeong to join its editorial board. When Jeong’s hiring was announced on Aug. 1, people familiar with her history began speaking up. And what a history it was!

While she was being touted as a crack tech reporter and commentator on digital media, her speeches and writings and social-media postings over the past few years revealed some extremely radical and controversial views on race, among many other subjects.

In one such stroll through Jeong’s history of racially charged comments, freelance journalist Nick Monroe looked through five years worth of her postings on Twitter. Monroe found anti-white comments that date back to at least August 2013, and he marvels at their sheer volume and consistency.

Naturally, once the public got a good look at the kind of racial rantings Jeong had been making for quite some time, there was an outcry. In a statement that the newspaper released in Jeong’s defense, the Times admitted in its open statement that its vetting process “included a review of her social-media history.” This means the recruiters at the Times would have found her numerous, years-long postings about her hatred of white people—and decided to hire her anyway.

The Times should just be honest and admit the truth: not only were they aware of Jeong’s far-outside-the-mainstream views of white people, they hired her precisely because of these controversial views.

Jeong has a track record of racism that extends back years, and there’s simply no way the Times missed that in any review of her past writings, speeches and social-media postings.

Racism is when you attribute the bad things a person says or does, their beliefs or their actions, to the color of their skin: “This person is only doing/saying this because of their race.” The fun new kind of racism that the progressive left has introduced to the national conversation in recent years is to be blatantly racist against white people while claiming it’s not racism at all.

And Jeong is the personification of the new racism. She has spent years proclaiming a central truth to her audience: white people are what’s wrong with the world, and there can be no real progress towards “social justice” until the “white problem” has been fully recognized and remedies are instituted.

Reducing an entire race of people to skin color and “explaining” why they think/act the way they do based on that skin color has always been the stupidity of racism, whether practiced by southern racists against blacks in the 1950s or practiced by Jeong today, when she looks at white people while writing at the Times.

The progressive left wants to elevate people like Jeong so she can say her expected inflammatory rhetoric from a media platform precisely because of how normal, ordinary Americans will react to these inflammatory comments.

Everything she says is going to be fine, no matter how nonsensical or outrageous it is. What the Times wants to focus on, what this is actually really about, is the responses they hope Jeong gets to her intentionally inflammatory racial rhetoric.

So given that the Times was well aware that it was deliberately elevating a racist and giving her a very visible platform from which to rant, let’s turn to the question of why the newspaper would be choosing to do this now.

It’s because the radical left is suddenly losing cultural ground. Former President Barack Obama is long gone, and, in Trump, the right has found a president who not only recognizes that there is a culture war, he fully intends to fight it and win.

This has caused the left to abandon all restraint in an attempt to stop Trump. It’s all about getting their base out to vote in November to flip the Congress, toward reining him in.

The progressive left knows that if Trump gets two more years with solid GOP control of both houses of Congress, they are finished. Look at what the president has accomplished in just a year and a half in office. If he gets two more years with even greater GOP control of Congress, how does the Democratic Party survive that? How does the progressive agenda advance? It would all but ensure Trump’s re-election in 2020.

This is what is causing the progressive left to go all in for a desperate bid to flip the Congress in the November midterm elections. To rouse their base to get out and vote, they are dropping the masks they’ve worn for so long and openly embracing their extreme views on race, and gender, and communism.

It won’t save them. They’ll have ended up fully exposing their real beliefs, and they’ll get Trump for another six years anyway.

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