Nurse’s Powerful Photo of Stillborn Baby Becomes Thankful Mom’s Precious Memory

February 20, 2019 Updated: February 20, 2019

Giving birth to a stillborn baby is one of the hardest trials a woman can endure. Never being able to look into those innocent eyes or feel the baby’s tiny hand grasp yours is something most women who endure a stillborn birth never forget, even if they try to.

One woman, Rachel Whalen, who didn’t want to see a photo of her stillborn later changed her mind. But was it too late?

She rolled over the doppler to check Dorothy’s heart rate. I closed my eyes hoping to relieve the pressure in my head….

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When Rachel was 28 weeks pregnant, the doctor informed her she was suffering from preeclampsia, a complication of pregnancy, and her baby did not survive.

On Feb. 22, 2016, Dorothy Grace Helena Whalen was stillborn.

“They asked if I wanted photos,” she wrote on Facebook.

“I said no. … I was certain that I wanted no memory of this moment—the day my daughter was stillborn.”

Staff gently repeated the question, but she refused. Later, when the realization hit her that she could never see her baby, she yearned for a photo, any photo, of Dorothy.

What I'm about to say might scare you and to be honest, it should..If you are pregnant or plan to be pregnant, there…

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“I want every memory of that day. I want to see what it looked like when I held her. I want to see what we looked like as a family of three. I want to see the memories of that day, but I can’t.”

One nurse had an instinct that Rachel would be forever grateful if she took a photo for her.

“Except for one nurse. I don’t know who it was, but she took a photo of my daughter. She dressed her and wrapped her up. She positioned her hands so delicately and tilted her head just so. And then she took a photo–our only photo of Dorothy,” Rachel wrote.

They asked if I wanted photos. .I said no..There wasn't a lot of time, but they asked again.."Are you sure?"…

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Those unendurable feelings after losing a baby can become bearable with time, and as Rachel wrote, “I wish we took more photographs.”

Thank goodness for that kind nurse, and that one very treasured photo she took.

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We Need To Talk About Stillbirth

Worldwide there are over 4 million stillbirths each year. So why are we staying silent? We need to talk about stillbirth.For more resources and information about stillbirth visit Star Legacy Foundation and Still Aware.Many of the photos in this video were taken by volunteers from Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. For more information about their organization, visit published by An Unexpected Family Outing.)

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