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No Turning Back for Cuba; Perils of Overparenting

(0:57) The pictures of mass pro-democracy protests coming out of Cuba stopped cold when the communist regime shut down the internet on July 12. But the fight for freedom has been ignited and according to our three guests, there’s no turning back.

We’re joined by Orlando Gutierrez Boronat, coordinator of Cuban Democratic Directorate and a member of the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance; Luis Zuñiga, a writer, ex-U.S. diplomat, and a former Cuban political prisoner; and Javier Larrondo, president and founder of human rights organization Prisoner Defender.

(30:06) In America Q&A we ask if people think the U.S. government should take action to support the Cuban protesters.

(32:06) Helicopter parents—parents involved in every aspect of their child’s life—has become a cultural norm. Our guest, Lenore Skenazy, is leading a movement to try to change that. She’s the author of “Free-Range Kids” and co-founder of an organization called Let Grow. Most recently, her work is featured in a new documentary “Chasing Childhood” that explores the unintended consequences of overparenting.

(52:28) In our second America Q&A, we find out if people across the country think there’s a problem in America with over-parenting.

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