Nikki Bailey, a West Virginia Resident, Finds Home Empty After Wrong Repossession

August 28, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Nikki Bailey, a Logan, West Virginia resident, returned home recently after visiting her friend in the hospital. When she walked inside she found the house empty.

A repossession company had taken all of her possessions under a double error. The bank that had told them to remove everything from a house gave them a wrong address, then the company went to a different address from that one that was also wrong.

“Everything was gone,” Bailey said. “Living room furniture, my Marshall diploma, my high school diploma, my pictures — my history. I was teacher of the year. All of that stuff is gone — certificates from that. It’s all gone.”

Bailey told WSAZ that she has been making her house payments.

Attorney Tim DiPiero says he can’t believe it happened.

“It just seems kind of ridiculous that this actually happened when a phone call could have stopped it,” he said.

The company, CTM Industries, took all of Bailey’s things to the dump.

DiPiero is trying to figure out which bank ordered the repossession.

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