New York Mayor Sings ‘I Love LA’

NY officials make good on bets with LA over Stanley Cup
By Sarah Le, Epoch Times

LOS ANGELES—After the Los Angeles Kings hockey team won its second Stanley Cup against the Rangers Friday, several New York officials—including Mayor Bill de Blasio—had to make good on their PR-friendly wagers from the game.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has to send a huge basket of New York’s finest culinary offerings to California Gov. Jerry Brown. That includes a bottle of wine from the Finger Lakes, apples from Fishkill Farms, and oysters harvested off Long Island’s shores. He also vowed to send a 2013 hockey puck to memorialize his passing of an on-time budget.

If the Rangers had won, Brown would have sent Cuomo the book “California: A History,” by Kevin Starr and lightly salted organic brown rice cakes.

Los Angeles police chief Charlie Beck and NYPD Commissioner William Bratton, who is actually a former LAPD police chief, bet something a bit more blue collar: a pastrami sandwich.

On Saturday, Bratton tweeted a picture of Katz’s Deli in NY and said, “Ok @LAPDChiefBeck, do you take your pastrami sandwich with or without mustard? Congrats!”

Beck tweeted back a picture of the famous Langer’s Deli in LA and said, “@CommissBratton, hold the mustard please, slaw inside, just like @LangersDeli 19.” Rumor has it that Bratton misses the LA restaurant, where a sandwich, drink, and fries can run you $20.

But the wager that may be most memorable was between the mayors of Los Angeles and New York.

Mayor Eric Garcetti had promised to sing Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” if the Rangers won.

But a win for the LA Kings meant Bill de Blasio had to sing the Randy Newman classic, “I Love LA.” De Blasio did his penance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last night (Monday night). The show has about 2.8 million viewers across the country.

Earlier on Monday, a mass of black, white, and grey jerseys lined Figueroa Street in downtown LA as fans and players celebrated the Kings win in a victory parade. The parade ended at Staples Center, where the team had played the winning game Friday night, and season’s ticketholders attended a special rally with Garcetti lending his support.

Kings player Alec Martinez scored the winning goal Friday in double overtime against the Rangers. The Kings now have two Stanley Cup championships under their belts in just three years.

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