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New Studies Once More Show Masks Don’t Work; Why Are Masks Making a Comeback in Many Areas? | Truth Over News

If masks worked, the past two and a half years would have been completely different. Just wear a mask and get on with life as usual. That would’ve been great, but that’s not what happened — because masks don’t work. Several new studies are now again confirming this.

And yet masks are making a comeback. In some cases, they never went away — such as for anyone using New York City or Canadian modes of transport. And mask mandates never went away for many children either, whether at summer camps or in schools.

To understand why we are still targeted with unscientific mask mandates, we have to look at the underlying reasons why they were introduced in the first place.

Contrary to the media’s narrative, the politicization of masks wasn’t driven by people who asked questions about the lack of data — it was driven by anti-science activists pushing anti-scientific remedies for reasons that have nothing to do with health.

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