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Get Back to Work! | Real Talk with Wayne Dupree

Twenty-five states are ending their participation in federal unemployment programs before their expiration Sept. 6. All but two Republican-led states are ending the benefits early. Their decisions affect at least 3.7 million people, according to a CNBC analysis. Those affected will lose a $300 weekly supplement. In most states, benefits for the self-employed and long-term unemployed will also end entirely.

About Real Talk

Are you tired of the mainstream media lies? Tired of the political spin by leaders who claim to be working for you? Are you ready to hear the real talk and real opinion in comprehensive, conservative, principled fashion? Well, Epoch TV is bringing the Award-winning Wayne Dupree to town with exclusive and new content on his new show called, ‘Real Talk’. Dupree has built up a loyal following throughout social media because he refuses to sugarcoat today’s news stories. We bring you all the news updates and opinions you need to know to stay updated with the fastest moving daily program today. Wayne, Leah and Brian brutally break down the fake news and deliver a powerful punch response. Get ready! We’re here!

About Wayne

Wayne E. Dupree is the proud father of three kids who help give him focus each and every day. He was recently given the Pioneer in New Media at the beginning of 2019 for all the work he has done within the Conservative movement as a speaker, activist and entrepreneur over the past seven years.

Before Wayne started fighting for his country through the political spectrum, he served eight years in the United States Air Force where he received two Good Conduct Medals, Air Force Commendation Award, Air Force Achievement Medal and an honorable discharge. He also participated in Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield with the F-117A Stealth Fighter Unit.

During his time within the Conservative movement, Dupree was named as a member of Newsmax’s top 50 Influential African-American Republicans for 2017, and in 2016, he was named as a board member of the National Diversity Coalition for Donald Trump. In 2015, Dupree was awarded the coveted American Conservative Union (ACU) CPAC Blogger of the Year award and before that he won the Podcast of the Year Award.

Dupree’s “New Media” growth exploded within his first few years of hard work in the tradition of Andrew Breitbart. Wayne connected with Andrew a few weeks before his untimely death in 2012 and hasn’t looked back.

In blazing his trail, Wayne proudly carries the Breitbart standard of “Walking Toward the Fire” by being a strong conservative voice, adding his commentary to current events and challenging the Democrat and Republican Party policies that hurt the American people.

Wayne is a leading national conservative voice with his own radio show. Although there has been a lot of conservative suppression on social media, Dupree has over 350K followers on Twitter and over 420K followers on Facebook, all grown generically with his penchant for being real with his audience and featured guests.

During the 2016 Republican Primary, Dupree is one of the few non-mainstream voices to interview seven presidential candidates. He has also grabbed five interviews with then-businessman Donald J. Trump, who he interviewed one month before he came down the escalator to tell America he was running for President.