New Jersey Trooper Stops Retired Cop Who Delivered Him 27 Years Ago

June 19, 2018 Last Updated: June 19, 2018

A state trooper in New Jersey was stunned after he found out who he had pulled over for a minor traffic violation on June 1.

Trooper Michael Patterson stopped Matthew Bailly on Friday and the pair started talking. Bailly told Patterson that he was a retired police officer who worked in Piscataway, prompting Patterson to mention that he was from Piscataway.

Bailly then asked Patterson whereabouts in the town he used to live, and Patterson said that he grew up on Poe Place. Bailly knew the road because he helped deliver a baby there 27 years ago, when he was a rookie officer.

He then described the color and style of the house, and the baby’s name, Michael.

Patterson then realized that Bailly helped deliver him.

“My name is Michael Patterson, sir. Thank you for delivering me,” he said, according to a post on Facebook from the New Jersey State Police.

The agency noted that Bailly had been an officer for just four years when he helped Patterson’s father Bobby Patterson deliver the baby, with help from a doctor Patterson had called.

Bailly and Patterson parted ways but later got together for a reunion with Patterson’s mother.

“Trooper Patterson and his mother visited Mr. Bailly and his wife at their home where they took these photos! They all felt this story was so uplifting, it needed to be shared, and we agree! After all, as a police officer, you don’t always get a chance to have a moment like this with people you once helped in your career!” the state police said.

People on Facebook were inspired by the reunion.

“That’s awesome. Thank you both for your services and be safe out there,” said one user.

“What a great story!” added another.

Others joked that Bailly should have gotten out of a ticket due to the reunion.