New Jersey Softball Player Defies the Odds with One Good Arm

June 27, 2018 Last Updated: June 27, 2018

South Jersey Mystics Coach Adam Dorman said he would have umpires and coaches tell him how cool it was that he had a girl who threw and caught with the same arm on his team. But he told them she wasn’t there out of pity—she was genuinely one of his best players.

“You could see that she was a big strong kid, and she wanted to play,” he told Pix 11. “She is an unbelievable outfielder. She can track a ball off the bat almost better than any other kid I’ve ever seen.”

Darby Myers, 11, was born without an elbow on her left arm. After she catches the ball, she takes off her glove and throws the ball with the same hand, something she’s been doing since she was four years old.

“I just did it my whole life, so it was nothing,” she told Pix 11.

Darby has three siblings: a twin brother and a younger brother and sister. Her dad Scott said that she is tenacious, and doesn’t let anything stop her.

“I never in a million years thought that I would have a child that would teach me as much or more about life, and not even know they were doing it,” he told Pix 11. “She puts the work in and if she wants something she just goes for it.”

Her mother Danielle recently underwent hip surgery. She told Darby, “‘I don’t want you to get embarrassed if you see me with this brace or you see me walking funny, and she’s like, ‘I got out every day mom.'”

“I’m supposed to be the mom and she’s teaching me to embrace my issue,” Danielle said as she choked up.

When asked what she loves about softball, Darby didn’t list the benefits of being active or her talent for it, although her medals speak for themselves.

“I get to inspire people,” she told Pix 11. “That’s my main reason.”

With Darby’s help, the South Jersey Mystics 10-U team recently won the USSSA state championships. They outscored their competition 37-0.

Next, they’ll be competing in the Fast Pitch World Series Tournament at the in Viera, Florida.


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