Mozes And The Firstborn Delivers Electrifying Debut Album

February 25, 2014 Updated: April 24, 2016

If Beck and Cage the Elephant were to procreate, Mozes And The Firstborn’s self-titled debut would be the product of such union.

The Dutch alternative rockers prove that they can roll with the best of them since their single “Bloodsucker” has been put on rotation on MTV and will also be making several appearances at the SXSW Festival in March. 

The music video for “Bloodsucker” shows a man in the bathroom shaving as lead singer Melle Dielesen sings “Do you really think it’s yours to handle/Do you really feel it’s yours to show?” and then proceeds to brushing his teeth with a razor as blood begins to run down his mouth.

“Gimme Some” sounds as it should have been released in the mid 1990’s while “I Got Skills” shows the band’s ability to write lighthearted, relatable tracks where the listener ends up chanting “I got skills to make it through your doorway” in a way that sounds similar to Beck’s “I’m a loser baby so why don’t you kill me.”

Mozes And The Firstborn never seems to try too hard with their sound with every track on the record flowing smoothly with little room for error. Their self-titled debut is one of the strongest albums 2014 has seen so far.