Mountain View Holds 4th Annual Tech Showcase

July 19, 2018 Last Updated: July 20, 2018

Mountain View held its fourth annual tech showcase on July 18, 2016. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Mountain View is home to major companies such as Google, NASA, LinkedIn, Facebook, and many more.

It was a chance for the public to get a glimpse at what new technologies these Silicon Valley-based companies are working on.

“For the community, they may be driving past a city building or rather, a corporate building and see a business sign but not truly understand what’s happening behind those walls,” said Alex Andrade, economic development manager at Mountain View.

Through company tours, Andrade explained that he learned more about the various technologies and projects that the companies work on. He then wanted to bring that to the public and allow them to understand what the local companies are doing and creating.

“It is a chance to put in one place, for one afternoon, what’s going on in Mountain View all the time. We are one of the top addresses in the world for innovation,” said Mountain View Mayor Lenny Siegel.

Both big-name tech companies and smaller local companies were able to show off their tech in the city they call home.

Mountain View is home to multiple tech companies and tech giants, making it a perfect place to establish new startups and grow existing companies.

During the event, Andrade also informed us that Facebook recently bought two buildings in Mountain View and is looking to expand into the city.

“You have the talent that’s already here attracting companies, starting up companies, and the new talent attract more companies from outside,” explained Mayor Siegel.

From Oculus showing off virtual reality, to Waymo’s self-driving van, and Hoverboard’s one-wheeled electric skateboard, there were a variety of technologies and companies present.

The technology showcase allowed attendees to have a hands-on experience in which people went for rides in the autonomous vans, rode the one-wheel electric skateboard, and looked at the world through virtual reality.

The events also featured various Innovation Zones, including a Children’s Activity Zone, Health & Disability Innovation Zone, NASA Zone, and Mobility Zone, making the event good for families and people of all ages and interests.