Moto 360 Release Date, Rumors, Specs: Motorola’s Upcoming Smart Watch Plastic?

Motorola’s upcoming “wearable” tech might not be what users are imagining it to be.

Chinese website TechWeb reports that contrary to current believe, the Moto 360 smartwatch will be made of plastic instead of metal.

The Moto 360’s silver body does have a brush metal finish though, so news that it will be plastic rather than metal means that its quality and design is flattering to deceive.

Also, the Moto 360 apparently has wireless charging abilities, but for this feature to work, Motorola supposedly had to increase the thickness of the device to 13.5mm.

In comparison, the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live have 9.95 mm and 8.9 mm thick respectively, so this means that Motorola’s “wearable” device will look bulkier as compared to its competitors.

The Moto 360 does have a wider display at 1.88 inches. The LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live, on the other hand, are 1.65 inches and 1.63 inches thick respectively, so at least screen size wise, Motorola has a slight edge.

Like the LG and Samsung wearable, the Moto 360 will be running Android Wear OS.

The watch is rumored to be released in the summer, but Motorola has yet to officially announced a launch date.