Woman Sits in Movie Theater Watching Previews. Then She Sees Ad With Someone She Knows in It

May 30, 2018 Last Updated: May 30, 2018

This woman was sitting in the movie theater watching the previews. Suddenly, one ad caught her eye because she knew the person in it—and he was sitting next to her.

Movie dates are popular in every country. If you’re a teen, the thrill of sitting in a dimly lit room with your crush is exciting. For adults, it makes for an entertaining evening. So when Rebecca went with Michael to catch a movie, she wasn’t expecting anything out of the ordinary.

Before the movie started to play, commercials and previews were shown. Rebecca watched the ads, just like everyone else in the crowded theater.

Then one ad started to play with the most breathtaking view of the cliffs and ocean. The narrator opened with a quick dialogue about love and that “it can make you feel like you are soaring over the ocean.”

The camera zooms closer and closer to land, and the narrator tells the audience that “anything is possible when you’re in love.” Finally, the camera zooms in on a man dressed in a sharp blue suit who talks directly to the audience. He tells cinema-goers that there is a man with a special message to share with a woman sitting in the audience tonight, and her name is Rebecca.

Rebecca is surprised to hear her name called out and glances at Michael. When she looks back at the screen, she sees Michael in the ad!

What onscreen Michael tells her, and what he does next is so romantic. Check out the clip yourself to see Michael’s heartfelt and tender words for Rebecca.