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More Classified Documents Were Found in Biden’s Corvette Garage | The Larry Elder Show | EP. 110

The White House confirmed Thursday that more classified documents from President Joe Biden’s time as vice president were found in the garage of his home in Wilmington, Delaware. It came just hours before Attorney General Merrick Garland named a special counsel in the Biden documents matter.

Should Rep. George Santos resign? The newly sworn-in New York Republican has been under fire for fabricating large parts of his résumé, especially for lying about being Jewish. Alan Bergstein, editorial editor of the Jewish Voice, sits down with Larry Elder to discuss his piece “The Hypocrisy of Dems Demanding George Santos’ Resignation.”

Who is the king of hate media? According to Daniel Greenfield of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, it’s the Comcast CEO who “has used MSNBC’s Hate Machine to divide and slander America.”

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