Moms Think They Are Doing Bad Job Until They Hear Their Kids’ Innocent Feedback

March 25, 2019 Updated: March 30, 2019

For a mother, her children will always be her babies no matter how old they are. But as mothers they still worry and fret endlessly, always wondering if they are doing the right thing—does it sound familiar?

This eye-opening video captures how mothers see themselves and in turn how children view their mothers.

On Mother’s Day in 2017, Elevation Church brought in several mothers and asked them to talk about one thing: describe yourself as a mother.

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For most mothers, answering this kind of question is not easy. Raising children is probably the hardest thing in the world.

Many of them expressed that exercising patience was the most difficult thing to achieve.

“I struggle with my temper,” one mother said. “There are definitely days when I have my doubts about my abilities,” said another mom.

“I struggle with how I react with situations,” a third one said.

Meanwhile a fourth once explained, “I wish I knew how to … I guess, just calm myself before speaking to them.”

“I wish I was more confident in being a mom,” shared a mother.

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Days later, children of these mothers, were individually taken to a room, and were asked to describe their mom.

Whilst the mothers watched everything through a monitor in another room, listening to their children speak about them.

What they revealed was really heart-melting

They were surprised, amused, and touched by what their children had to say.

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Most children personally value a mother’s soft touch above all … things like snuggling, playing, doing stuff together. Children consider physical contact as the ultimate proof of love.

One adorable answer came from a girl who had this to say about her mom: “She is like my heart I guess you can say, because she is that close to me.”

Another little girl described her mother, saying, “she’s pretty and beautiful.”

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“My mom is my hero,” said a third one.

The moms were clearly overwhelmed by their kids’ feedback as they wiped away the tears.

“I always seem to focus mostly on the negative,” said one touched mother, who was uplifted by the unexpected feedback. “I guess I can walk out here and say that I’m doing something great.”

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Sometimes, moms too need to know that they are loved and cherished.

Moms are precious; they are the light of our lives and our reason for living!

Take a look at this heartwarming video below:

Thumbnail Credit: YouTube Screenshot | Elevation Church


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