Mom Unwraps Baby in Hospital, Breaks Down on Seeing What’s Hidden Under the Blanket

August 14, 2019 Updated: August 17, 2019

It’s never too late to do the right thing. When Chad McDevitt first met his wife, Lauren, sparks flew and the two of them became very close. But when Lauren became pregnant, the two decided to have the baby together despite the fact that they hadn’t yet been married.

Though Chad was committed to being with her, the two hadn’t yet gotten around to planning the wedding when their baby, whom they named Everly, arrived. But it turned out that Chad had had a plan all along!

تم النشر بواسطة ‏‎Lauren McDevitt‎‏ في الأحد، ٢٤ أغسطس ٢٠١٤

About 24 hours after Lauren had given birth to Everly, the whole family gathered at the hospital in Taylor Mill, Kentucky, just outside Cincinnati. Chad hatched a plan with the help of Lauren’s cousin and the attending nurses in Lauren’s room. This new mom was clearly still feeling the aches and pains of the delivery and wasn’t thinking about anything else except her beautiful new baby.

The nurses handed proud papa Chad the baby and he passed her on to Lauren. The new mom was really impressed with the way the nurses had wrapped Everly up. “I can never get my swaddles this tight!” Lauren says.

One of Lauren’s family members asks if Lauren can “open her up,” since “they’ve got her all swaddled up.” Chad looks back at the camera, clearly aware of what’s about to happen and hoping that no one will tip off Lauren.

تم النشر بواسطة ‏‎Lauren McDevitt‎‏ في الجمعة، ١٤ نوفمبر ٢٠١٤

One of the nurses “apologizes” for wrapping up Everly so tight, though clearly, she’s in on the secret too. As mom Lauren begins to unwrap the baby, she notices some strange writing on her newborn’s onesie.

At first, Lauren, can’t quite figure out what’s going on, but the family members in the room, who are all in on the secret, just can’t restrain themselves anymore. Several of them start chuckling, and finally, Lauren whips her head toward Chad when she realizes what he’s done.

“Oh my God, yes, yes!” she says, in response to his proposal. “Yes, I will.” Meanwhile, this proud father (and soon-to-be husband) reaches over and pulls one more surprise out of the baby blankets!

تم النشر بواسطة ‏‎Chad McDevitt‎‏ في الخميس، ١٧ يناير ٢٠١٩

With the help of the nurses, he had carefully tucked the engagement ring into baby Everly’s fingers. Only when the time comes to take it out, she doesn’t want to let go. “She wants it!” jokes one of the family members in the background.

Dad Chad finally managed to extract it and offer it to Lauren, who’s overcome with emotion. Apparently, Everly is feeling the drama too, because Lauren soon announces that she’s dirty, getting the whole room in stitches.

But this doesn’t stop Chad, who’s signed up to be a good father to the baby and a good husband to Lauren. He places the ring on her finger and they kiss.

Little did dad Chad know this family video would soon have the internet oohing and aahing along with the family members. To date, the video has over 1.2 million views and lots of comments from viewers congratulating Chad on the creative proposal idea and wishing the family well.

Some viewers questioned the couple’s decision to have the baby before getting married, but others complimented them.

They’ve been going strong ever since as Mr. and Mrs. McDevitt!

تم النشر بواسطة ‏‎Lauren McDevitt‎‏ في الأحد، ١٣ يناير ٢٠١٩