Mom Fulfills Ailing 12-Year-Old Son’s Last Wish to Walk Her Down the Aisle

April 19, 2019 Updated: April 19, 2019

For those with a good constitution, this heart-breaking video shows a moving moment a loving mother makes her cancer-stricken son’s final wish come true.

Keith, 12, was in the latter stages of his battle with cancer and one of his final wishes was to walk his mother down the aisle on her wedding day. With the child unable to attend church due to his poor health, the entire family banded together to hold an impromptu ceremony at their home in Stow, Ohio, having their house transformed into a makeshift church so the ceremony could go ahead.

In the video, Keith can be seen coming down the makeshift aisle first being pushed in his wheelchair by a family member. His mom follows in her white bridal dress, her worried eyes never leaving the frail looking child. As she passes, she tenderly kisses him on the top of his head before moving towards a makeshift altar assembled at the front of their living room where her soon to be husband awaits.

The video goes on to explain that Keith’s mom had spoken after the ceremony to a local radio station about his final wish and that she was determined to grant it for him before his health deteriorated to such an extent that he would be too unwell to attend.

Throughout the ceremony she holds her son’s hand tightly, only releasing it to embrace her new husband after the vows have been read. The video ends with Keith’s mom and her new husband hugging and kissing the poor child, their love and admiration for him clearly evident.

Sadly, Keith lost his heroic fight with cancer five days later.

Video Credit: Ericka Woodard via storyful