Mom Cries Seeing Son’s One Foot is 3 Sizes Bigger, Then Shoe Shop Manager Makes Her Day

January 17, 2019 Updated: January 18, 2019

When a mom in Minnesota brought her young son to a shoe shop to buy a new pair of shoes, she didn’t expect to find herself in despair upon learning that her son required a different-sized shoe for both right and left feet. One of his feet was three shoe sizes bigger than the other.

For the early parts of Landon Pearson’s life, the 8-year-old had always been wearing hard casts or braces due to being born with a club foot.

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“It’s where his foot is turned up and in,” his mom, Natalie Schuneman, told Kare11.

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While wearing the equipment helps correct Landon’s foot alignment, Natalie said the result had a side effect—“it stunted the growth of his foot.”

The situation with Landon’s feet had brought extra challenges to the family. This first became apparent when Landon was finally able to buy his first pair of shoes and realized the size difference between his two feet.

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In June 2018, when Natalie took Landon to the Under Armour store in Albertville, the young boy immediately set his eyes on a pair of yellow-and-orange-colored shoes.

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“I like shoes that have color,” he said. “I saw them up on this giant billboard and I thought that they were pretty cool.”

Things were going well until Natalie asked the store manager, Sean Kelly, to help measure Landon’s feet.

I wish I would’ve taken a picture with the store manager of Under Armour for what he did today and blast him all over…

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Natalie Ann 发布于 2018年6月26日周二

“One was a size six, the other was a size three,” Kelly recalled.

The huge difference in shoe size came as a shock to Natalie.

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“I was shocked because I thought maybe it was only a shoe size difference,” Natalie said. “Three shoe sizes is kind of a lot, so I cried.”

Seeing this, Kelly decided to reach out a little to help.

Today we went to visit Sean, and Landon gave him a thank you card for being so kind. Sean ended up having a surprise up…

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“I said, ‘How about you buy the (size) three, I’ll buy the (size) six.’ He gets to go home with the pair that he wants. Why not make him happy?” Kelly asked.

Both Natalie and Landon were touched by Kelly’s kindness.

Today we went to visit Sean, and Landon gave him a thank you card for being so kind. Sean ended up having a surprise up…

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“It was really thoughtful to pay for the shoes,” Landon said.

Natalie added that Kelly’s thoughtfulness made her feel good inside.

In fact, meeting such a great human being, “it makes you want to be a better person,” she shared.

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UPDATE ON AWESOMENESS:We are so thankful to Sean Patrick Kelly and Under Armour for the BOGO 5 pairs of shoes! They…

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Ensuring that the store manager’s kind deed did not go unnoticed, she emailed Kelly’s district manager and also took to Facebook to share their story.

However, Kelly felt that what he did was no big deal.

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“I just love helping people find what makes them more happy and more comfortable in everyday life,” he explained.

But it seems like things didn’t just stop at that; Landon gave Kelly a thank you card for being so kind.

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Meanwhile, Kelly had another surprise already awaiting the little boy. Thus, when Landon needed a backpack for school, Kelly filled a backpack with goodies, and this made him all the more joyful and grateful.

The mother-son duo was also told Under Armour World Headquarters had given them five buy-one-get-one-free-for-shoes offer.

Natalie wrote on her Facebook post, “Some may see this as a small gesture but to us it’s huge!”

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“A simple act of kindness from Sean has brought so much awareness to clubfoot but also to remind people to be kind,” she added.

A considerate act like this is sure to be remembered by both mom and son for the rest of their lives. It may be a small act from the manager’s perspective, but for Natalie and Landon on the receiving end, especially given the emotional state Mom was in, it was exactly what they needed.

This trip to the shoe store proved that a little kindness goes a long way!