Mollie Tibbetts Video Shows Her ‘Outgoing Happy Self’ One Day Before She Vanished: Friend

August 8, 2018 Last Updated: August 8, 2018

A video taken one day before Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts went missing was posted on social media, and it shows the 20-year-old as her “normal, outgoing, happy self.”

The video, recorded July 17, was posted on Snapchat by Olivia Ritter, who was her co-worker.

Tibbetts, a University of Iowa student, was seen last jogging in Brooklyn, Iowa, before she disappeared. Her family reported her missing on July 18 when she didn’t show up for work.

The video, which was also posted on Facebook by someone named Jarrett Rose, shows her on the floor of an art gallery in Grinnell College, Fox News reported, citing Ritter’s account.

2 weeks since I’ve seen your smile and it feels like an eternity has passed by. Your voice echoes through my heart every…

Posted by Jarrett Rose on Wednesday, August 1, 2018

“She was totally normal that day,” Ritter told Fox News on Aug. 8. “All of her actions were the same as they had been previous days. She hadn’t been talking about anyone suspiciously or randomly. She was her normal, outgoing, happy self.”

In an interview on Aug. 7, the father of Tibbetts, Robert Tibbetts, said he believes that she left with someone she trusted.

A Facebook screenshot shows video footage of Mollie Tibbetts. (Facebook/screenshot)
A Facebook screenshot shows video footage of Mollie Tibbetts. (Facebook/screenshot)

“I think someone went to the house that Mollie knew or that Mollie trusted and that she left with them willingly,” he told CBS News. “Now they’re in over their head and they don’t know what to do.”

“I just don’t think that anyone set out to harm Mollie,” Tibbetts also told Fox News on Aug. 7. “And the longer we go without finding her, the more optimistic we are that she is with someone that doesn’t want to harm her but doesn’t know how to extricate themselves from this situation.”

The Iowa Department of Public Safety says her last known article of clothing was dark-colored running shorts, a pink sports top, and running shoes with an unknown color.

A reward for information about Tibbetts’ disappearance has now reached $300,000, according to The Associated Press.