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US Consulate in Shanghai Allows Employees to Leave

Fears rise, as the U.S. consulate in Shanghai allows some employees to leave China.

Shanghai announces a plan to ease its citywide shutdown. But an official notice asks people to stay inside for now.

Will a U.S. push for green energy really counter oil crises? That approach may not be quite so clear-cut, with China still firmly involved.

Beijing makes a rare move: delivering missiles to a Russia ally. That nation is now primed to become the first country in Europe to operate Chinese missiles.

Parts of Shanghai erupt into protests amid strict lockdown orders. Residents complain they don’t have enough to eat, with some saying they’re starving to death.

Topics in this episode:
Shanghai Eases Lockdown, 11M Still Trapped At Home
Lawmakers Push For Green Energy Production
Focus On Nuclear In UK Energy Strategy
UK PM Accused Of Being Silent Over Chinese Takeover
China Delivers Missiles To Russian Allied-Serbia
Swedish Lawmakers Make Four-day Visit To Taiwan
Hk’s Fmr Top Security Official Runs For Chief Exec
Shanghai Residents Protesting Lockdown
Shanghai Man Expresses Anger At Lockdown
Leaked Docs May Reveal Covid-19 Deaths In Shanghai

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