Why Does Belgium Have One of the Highest Death Rates of the CCP Virus

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May 5, 2020 Updated: May 7, 2020
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Belgium, a small country in Western Europe, potentially has the highest mortality rate of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus, commonly referred to as the novel coronavirus, in the world. While the country is being hit hard by the CCP virus, King Phillippe of Belgium continues to applaud how the CCP handled the virus outbreak.

In today’s episode, we will be looking at how Belgium has maintained a close relationship with the CCP over the years.

Belgium has a population of approximately 11 million and a territory of about 30,000 square kilometers. However, it presently has one the highest death tolls of the CCP virus, about 14 percent.

Chinese independent scholar Ge Bi-Dong expressed that the virus seems to have exposed the countries that have strong ties with the CCP. The countries that are close to the CCP have a lot more confirmed cases of the CCP virus.

Ge said: “The relationships of European countries with the Chinese Communist Party involve huge interests and these countries make decisions regardless of the political system in China. They know that the CCP is an evil regime but still choose to ignore this fact and continue supporting them. As a result, they are going to suffer.”

The diplomatic relationship between China and Belgium was established in 1971, and since the year 2000, both governments have been cooperating closely.

The Belgian government has been advocating the CCP’s “Belt and Road Initiative” and former Prime Minister Yves Leterme and former Deputy Prime Minister Kris Peeters are advocates of the project.

Unlike many Western politicians who have chosen to not voice their opinions about the project, the duo have not only promoted the Belt and Road Initiative publicly, but also urged other members of the United Nations to actively participate.

“Many years ago, the President of Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Bernard DeWit, wrote an article to show how Europe’s close relationship with China has profoundly influenced the entire region,” Ge said.

Facing the UK and bordering The Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, and France, Belgium is at the crossroads of Europe. But with its west side exposed to the North Sea, it is a strategic target of the CCP.

Leterme praised the CCP in an interview with Chinese state-run media in October 2019 and referred to the CCP’s infiltration of Western countries as an “important and positive contribution in the establishment of order in the new world.”

He mentioned that Belgium is an entry point to European markets, with multiple airports and ports connecting to the rest of Europe. He even urged the Belgian government, on behalf of the CCP, to further study the “great opportunities” brought by the Belt and Road Initiative.

Belgium’s Port of Antwerp is the second-largest transport hub in Europe and has proximity to European production and consumption centers. In August 2015, the Belgian government established an ad-hoc working group at the port to support the CCP’s Belt and Road Initiative.

In early 2018, Belgium’s second-largest commercial seaport, Zeebrugge, also signed a Container Terminal Concession Agreement with COSCO Ship Ports Ltd. of China under the Belt and Road Initiative framework.

In addition, Belgium also offers China its high-technology. For example, Belgium is a global leader in microelectronics research. The Belgian Microelectronics Research Center and the University of Leuven have signed cooperation agreements with numerous Chinese companies to develop nanotechnology and 5G network technology.

According to reports, as of 2018, both governments have cooperated in more than 470 technology projects.

In 2010, Geely Holding Group in China acquired all stocks of Volvo Car Group worth $1.8 billion dollars as well as Volvo’s largest assembly plant outside Sweden in Ghent, Belgium. The engineers and experts from the Ghent Assemble Plant then selflessly passed on their skills to the workers at the Volvo’s new factory in Daqing, China.

Over the next several years, a large number of Volvo cars were released to the European market with the label “Designed in Ghent. Made in China.” This is a perfect example of the CCP’s ultimate goal to use its acquisition of companies in order to steal technology.  

Belgium also joined the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) managed and directed by the CCP in 2017.

In 2018, the trade volume between China and Belgium stood at $23.3 billion dollars— 1,150 times higher than since the establishment of diplomatic relations.

In November 2019, the largest Belgian Economic and Trade Delegation of all time and Princess Astrid of Belgium personally visited China with the hopes of obtaining more Chinese investment.

Just like many other countries, Belgium accepted China’s “Panda Diplomacy” as it welcomed two giant pandas, Xing Hui (Sparkling Star) and Hao Hao (Very Good), who later gave birth to a male panda.

The CCP virus outbreak led to a global pandemic because of the regime’s cover-up.

Belgium has lost many lives to the virus.

As of April 22, Belgium has nearly 42,000 confirmed cases of the CCP virus and 6,262 deaths. The mortality rate is as high as 14.95 percent—the highest in the world based on currently available data.

Despite the international scrutiny the CCP is now facing over the pandemic, King Philippe claimed that the CCP’s “experiences in handling the epidemic” have been helpful to Belgium and thanked the CCP for being a true friend when it sent much-needed medical supplies.

However, Belgian media later exposed the poor quality and low standard of 3 million masks imported from China.

Ge Bi-Dong said that the actions of pro-communists have attracted the CCP virus to their country during the pandemic. He added: “That is why I said that the world needs a change, and that is to stay far away from the Chinese Communist Party, denounce and eliminate the CCP.”

“In this way, we are able to find a solution to truly cure the virus worldwide because the Chinese Communist Party is the most deadly virus in the world!”

Presently, the Belgian government is still considering participation in the Belt and Road Initiative.

Various commentators have said the CCP virus pandemic should serve as a warning to Belgium and its leaders as it reaches a critical stage in its decision.

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