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Hillary Clinton Approved Trump-Russia Leak to Media; The Big Lie About Trump and Charlottesville | Larry Elder LIVE

Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager, Robby Mook, bracingly testified that Clinton herself approved the campaign proposal to leak the back-channel Trump smear to the media, which enabled DOJ special counsel John Durham to do exactly what he had hoped to do: place Hillary Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann’s alleged false statement in a larger context of a Clinton-driven conspiracy.

Just days ago on a radio show, the Democratic National Committee Chair Jamie Harrison enthusiastically agreed with the host, who said, “Republicans refuse to condemn white supremacy because it would offend their base.” Harrison added that the “current” Republican Party “is built on fraud. It’s built on fear, and it touches on fascism. We see it every day.”

Today’s Larry Elder Show guest is Mark Meuser, a native Californian and a lawyer focused on election, political, and constitutional law.

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