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How the FBI Weaponized a Political Smear Campaign and Changed the Course of History | Truth Over News

The Russiagate saga began in early 2016 as a scheme by the Clinton campaign to vilify Trump as an agent of the Kremlin. Clinton’s scheme comprised of two prongs that later merged—the smear attack via Christopher Steele’s fake dossier and the cyber attack via Michael Sussmann’s fake Alfa Bank data.

But while special counsel John Durham’s Russiagate investigation remains focused on those two prongs, there has been little focus on how the FBI weaponized Clinton’s scheme to turn the heat on Trump.

We now know that Clinton’s scheme gradually converged with the FBI leadership’s desire to get Trump. In what historians will no doubt view as the biggest political crime of all time, a dirty trick carried out by a political candidate was co-opted by the nation’s top law enforcement agency to not only damage a sitting president but to try and remove him from office.

As evil as the Clinton scheme was, the FBI’s conduct was even worse.

Welcome to Truth over News with Jeff Carlson and Hans Mahncke.

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