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Facts Matter (Jan. 31): George Soros Pours $125M into Super PAC Ahead of Midterms; Biden Spends $1.8B on Chinese Test Kits

George Soros recently shifted $125 million to his super PAC in order to help Democrats win as many congressional races as possible in November, and beyond.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration recently announced an initiative to give away 1 billion COVID at-home test kits to American households for free. This sounds great, but many Americans throughout the country were rather surprised when they opened their mailbox, checked their government-issued COVID test, and learned that it was actually made in China.

Lastly, while I was down in Texas, I had the opportunity to speak with John and Amanda Milius, who are together the producer and director of a film called “The Plot Against America,” and we discussed what it’s like to bring the uncomfortable truth to light through movies.

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