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Chinese Military Vows to Act If Pelosi Visits Taiwan

The Chinese military steps up its warnings over House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s planned visit to Taiwan. But the United States is not backing down.

The U.S. space chief is warning against Beijing’s heightened aggression in space. He says it poses a threat to the United States.

Federal tax dollars are funneling into universities that host Chinese-backed institutions. They’re said to promote Beijing-style censorship, and a group of lawmakers are pressing the Pentagon because of it.

The Senate has passed an over $200 billion bill aiming to boost semiconductor manufacturing on U.S. soil. But Sen. Marco Rubio says the bill lacks safeguards to protect American research.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Chinese Military Vows to Act If Pelosi Visits Taiwan
  2. Senate Passes Bill to Boost Chip Production
  3. Space Force Chief: China Space Effort Threat to U.S.
  4. U.S.: Beijing’s ‘Provocations’ Risk Major Incident
  5. China Sending Troops to Russia’s August Army Games
  6. Japan Defense Report Warns of Escalating Threats
  7. GOP Presses DOD Over Conflicting Funding
  8. Taiwan’s Parliament Speaker Visits Lithuania
  9. China Made 7NM Microchips, Accused of Copying Taiwan
  10. ‘End CCP’ Cross-Country Road Tour

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