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Backlash Over Austria’s Lockdown of the Unvaccinated; Professor Uncovers Fake-Student Scam

The news from Austria shocked many: a lockdown of just the unvaccinated, about 2 million people. Footage emerged of police patrolling the streets checking people’s papers. The backlash in Austria was swift and strong. Then Friday, just five days into the experiment, the government imposed a full lockdown on the entire country with a promise to review the situation in 20 days. What’s the mood in the nation? We find out directly from Vienna, from Dr. Marcus Franz, a frontline doctor and former politician.

Then, in America Q&A, we ask how your Thanksgiving plans this year compare to last year’s.

Next, California community college professor Kim Rich blows the whistle on classes filled with fake students. We find out how she discovered the scam and what the school is doing about it.

Finally, in our second special Thanksgiving America Q&A, we ask people to share the most memorable thing someone has ever done to help them.

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