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Apollo 11 | Documentary

This film is only available in the US.

Apollo 11: We Must Be Bold” is an amazing journey that takes us behind the scenes of the Lundeen Sculptors out of Loveland, Colorado.

This band of brothers are some of the greatest American sculptors this country has ever produced and have now become the leaders in building astronaut monuments around the world.

A collaboration with filmmaker Steven Barber has led this incredible team to build the Apollo 11 and Apollo 13 monuments, and they just finished unveiling the Dr. Sally Ride Monument, honoring the first American woman in space.

This incredible film also follows the history of space flight—from the early Mercury Project into the Gemini Project, all the way into Apollo and the Space Shuttle.

Filmmaker Steven Barber brings incredible depth and understanding of not only the history of space, but what it takes to build a 1000-pound gold and bronze monument, with incredible behind-the-scenes action.

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