Mitt Romney Floats David French as Third Party Candidate

By Steven Klett, Epoch Times
June 1, 2016 Updated: June 1, 2016

Conservative Republicans are lobbying behind lawyer and National Review contributor David French in an ongoing attempt to find a suitable alternative to Donald Trump. 

The highest profile public appeal to French is the former Republican presidential candidate from the 2012 election Mitt Romney, who has previously thrown his support behind John Kasich and Ted Cruz during the Republican primaries in an attempt to block Trump.  

“I know David French to be an honorable, intelligent and patriotic person. I look forward to following what he has to say,” the former Republican presidential nominee tweeted. 

Bill Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard, is one of the most vocal voices to urge French to run as an Independent candidate in the general election:

“To say that he would be a better and a more responsible president than Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is to state a truth that would become self-evident as more Americans got to know him,” Kristol writes in a recent article touting French’s virtues.

Kristol also took to Twitter to reiterate his support of French. 

Donald Trump has taken issue with both Romney and Kristol—Romney, he’s said “walks like a penguin,” and in a recent tweet he called Kristol a “dummy”:

Trump has also called Kristol a “loser” and said that his publication The Weekly Standard was “failing” and that Kristol has been “wrong for two years.”

Kristol shot back with a tweet saying, “I gather Donald Trump said I’m a loser. I’ve won some and I’ve lost some, but one thing I’ve always tried not to be is a roaring jackass.” 

French himself has been pushing for Romney to run as a third party candidate, writing in a recent article entitled “Mitt Romney, Run for President“:

“Romney is the only man who combines the integrity, financial resources, name recognition, and broad public support to make a realistic independent run at the presidency.”