Civil Engineer said that Each Performance was Unique in It’s Own way

September 27, 2008 Updated: September 29, 2008

TORONTO—Percy Kearse, a civil engineer and his wife were quite taken with the Divine Performing Arts Mid-Autumn Spectacular.

"It's fabulous," said Mrs. Kearse, a special education teacher.

Percy Kearse added to the conversation. "It’s brilliant…It’s basically celebrating life and beauty."

"I love the dancing. It’s absolutely amazing," Ms. Kearse said.

"The music is fantastic… It’s really magnificent. I’ve never seen anything like this before. We don’t live in town and I didn’t know anything about Chinese culture. Each performance was unique in it’s own way and saying to me enjoy life," Percy Kearse said.

Sistah Lois, an actress and musician also shared her and her friend's impression of the show.

Sistah Lois was in a tv mini-series with Danny Glover and Whoopie Goldberg called "Good Fences" in 2003 and has performed in several plays. She is also a singer, poet, songwriter and works with children.

"We think its lovely. We think that it speaks reality and we likened it to something we do, that you can teach people and share positive messages without hammering them over the head with it. Very nice."

"Its wonderful, very colorful, very pretty, said Michael Cooke, Lois's friend and also a musician.

"Interesting very colorful, very nice. They are talented. It's a little different for my wife and I. We've never experienced something like this before. Very colorful! Very colorful, which is nice," sad Adam Josephs, a police constable.

Josephs particularly liked the female Soprano Pi Ju Huang.

"I was very impressed with the lady [the singer] of that did the Opera. That was very nice. Such a strong voice, impressive, very impressive," said Josephs.

The officer said he was not usually a fan of opera but he enjoyed Huang.