Meet the Airpod, the First Ever Modern Car Running on Air

And for $10k it is really affordable, too
June 16, 2014 Updated: June 17, 2014

This car might totally change our view on driving. The ‘Airpod’ is a 3-wheel-car that fully runs on… air! 

It creators think the Airpod is the future of urban driving. The Airpod doesn’t have a wheel but only a joystick and runs fully without any emissions.

There are approximately 600 millions passenger cars running in the world burning about 1 billion cubic meter of fuel every year. Two scientists based in Nice, France, now believe they have come up with a solution to the problem in their lab.

Running on compressed air

The Airpod is the first ever modern car to use compressed air for its engine. But the idea to use compressed air to power an engine is not new. Trains in France used compressed air to fuel its engines at the beginning of the 20th century, and one of the first automobiles in France is also said to have used this type of engine. But none of these were commercial successes.

Generally speaking the compressed air engine produces about the same emission as an electrical engine. But the engineers of the Airpod argue that the production of the compressed air is more environmentally friendly than producing electricity.

The technology behind the Airpod is durable yet simple, which allows for a low price. For $10,000 one will be able to be a trendsetter for urban driving. The engineers of the Airpod believe that after an ‘early adopters’ phase a broad customer base will pick up on buying the vehicle that resembles a bit to an old BMW Isetta – or a simple golf cart.

‘The cost of 50 Cent per 100 Kilometer (62 Miles) will attract a lot of people, once they learn about the existence of this technology’, says one of the French engineers behind the new vehicle.