Mayor Turner Vows to Tighten Security After 4-Year-Old Boy Shot in SE Houston

May 17, 2018 Last Updated: May 17, 2018

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said that officers were proactively patrolling the area the night that at least a dozen bullets rang out striking several units at the Kings Row Apartments.

Investigators said it all started after two groups were fighting and then started to shooting at each other—one of those bullets struck a 4-year-old only identified as Romeo.

Loriann Millam, the  boy’s grandmother still shaken by the incident explained, “And you looking at the little boy looking at you like this and you tell him again, ‘Get down,’ and he falls to his knees … and then he falls on his back and there’s nothing but blood and he ain’t saying nothing.”

She is haunted by the look on Romeo’s face when he was shot in the stomach as he was watching TV with his mom and 11-year-old sister.

” He looked at me and I though it was a joke since he is a jokester I though he was playing, but he wasn’t playing and I see that every time I close my eyes. I kept my grandbabies blood on me all night,” said Millam.

With no suspects and no arrests Millam is determined to find justice.

On Wednesday she made it clear to Mayor Sylvester Turner that what happened to Romeo is unacceptable.

Turner said he is now pushing for tighter security at the Kings Row Apartments in an effort to curb shootings from happening again.

“If you allow people to come in and out freely at anytime of the day and night; I don’t care what kind of background checks you are doing, you are not going to make the premises safe,” said Turner.

Turner also said that he has already authorized a million dollars in overtime to increase patrols in the area. A move that Acevedo said may have saved Romeo’s life.

” Doctors said that if it was not for the officers’ quick thinking that immediately started to put pressure onto the wound to stop the bleeding and transport him immediately, he might not have made it,” said Acevedo.

” We don’t want any crime to exist in this city but when it involves our children it just takes it to another level,” said Mayor Turner.

Romeo is still in Texas Children’s Hospital in a critical condition and he is scheduled to have two more surgeries. The first one happened this morning.

Crime Stoppers is offering $5,000 in any information that could led to an arrest.



FOX 26 News Natalie Hee