Manufacturer’s Representative Loves Everything in Shen Yun

March 13, 2017

“I like the costumes, the colors, the dance, the music, everything. … Interesting, it’s a lot different than America’s [culture]. We’re only a couple hundred years old, while you guys are thousands of years old, so it’s very interesting.” 


“Good feelings. I appreciate arts, and dance, and music, and they [Shen Yun] did a very good job.” 


“The part about the Chinese with the communist party [touched me]… when they said they can’t do this in China, you can’t criticize the government in China. In America you can criticize any government in the world, including our own, and it’s okay, freedom of speech.” 


“I would tell them [friends] that if they like music, culture – different culture, Asian, Chinese culture, and they enjoy music, and enjoy dance, and enjoy colors, they’d enjoy the show very much.” 

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