Man Plunges Headfirst Into Impossibly Narrow Deep Hole Just to Save a Trapped Goat

April 10, 2019 Updated: April 15, 2019

In an intense video, a brave young man volunteers to literally “take the plunge” by going headfirst into a stuffy hole in the ground to save a helplessly trapped goat.

The man from Karnataka, southwest India, had only one wish in his heart—to save the unfortunate creature that had fallen into the hole.

Illustration – Pixabay | ceskyfreund36

There are no choices in this case. The only way is to go in headfirst. The hole is deep and narrow, and there won’t be much wriggle room for the man, but he is determined.

After discussing with bystanders exactly how they are going to carry out the rescue mission, they get to work.

The courageous man lies on his belly and stretches out his arms so that he will be able to grab the goat. The men hold his legs as he inches himself like a serpent down the narrow hole.

They lower him deeper down the hole. More than half of his body is underground. One hears the muffled voice of the man just before the men start hauling him up slowly.

All of a sudden, he pops out with the goat in hand.

The goat is released, and there are smiles and cheers all round as it runs off bleating to join the herd grazing in the field.

Phew! Now that wasn’t so “baaaad” was it? At least the goat is happy and frolicking once again.

It’s no wonder the video went viral, as one can’t help but admire the courage of the young man and his determination to save the goat.

“Goat” time to watch the rescue?