Man Discovers His Cookies are Gone, Blames Wife, Son Films Resulting Showdown

March 15, 2018 Last Updated: March 15, 2018

We’ve all be there before. After looking forward to devouring some treats we had been saving until the right moment, we open the packet — and there’s nothing left.

Disappointment quickly turns into accusation. And the rest is history.

The aftermath of such a shattering discovery played out in spectacular fashion when a Texas father accused his wife of stealing his cookies after he found the remainder of a pack in a ziplock bag in the cupboard.

The hilarious showdown was filmed by Christian Moulton who posted it to Twitter on March 13. The video shows his mom and dad arguing over what happened to his packet of Chips Ahoy cookies.

His dad just wants his wife to own up to being a snack thief. But she vehemently denies eating them, stating the pack fell on the floor and she put the surviving cookies into the bag. In an all too familiar move, she also pointed to finger at the family’s dogs, claiming they had eaten some cookies.

“There’s 8 cookies missing, and I ate five!” the father exclaims.

“Just say, ‘I snuck a cookie'” the man pleads to his wife after she accuses the dog of eating it.

“I eat my animal cookies, I don’t eat those!” says the exasperated wife later, defending herself from his continued accusations.

At one point, the mother comments to her sniggering son filming the argument that his father’s “the cookie monster.”

When the 2:20 minute clip abruptly ends, the couple are still at an impasse. Alas, we may never know the outcome of the cookie saga. Let’s hope the dad was able to get some replacement cookies.