Man Clings to Hood of Car as It Speeds Along Busy Memphis Street

A Memphis driver captured shocking cell phone video of a man clinging to the hood of a car, as it traveled about “40-50 miles per hour” along a busy street, a witness reported.

According to WREG news, a driver spotted the grey colored vehicle traveling in the right-hand lane of Ridgeway Road in Memphis, Tennessee and immediately began recording the dramatic incident.

In the video, a woman can be seen behind the wheel of the car as a man wearing red pants clings to the edge of the hood, his feet dangling off the front.

The vehicle carrying the man on its hood was spotted in the Hickory Hill district of Memphis, Tennessee. (Google Maps)

In an interview, the man who recorded the video told WREG that he had earlier noticed what appeared to be an argument of some kind between the woman and the man, who tried to block the woman from leaving in her car.

The witness said that to him it appeared as though the woman drove off in order to escape a potentially threatening situation, while the man tried to stop her from leaving by jumping onto the car.

At one point the woman spots what the reporter believes looks like an undercover police car and begins to pull over.

Watch the video to see how the dramatic incident concluded.