Mad Men Season 7: Jessica Pare Talks About Playing Megan Draper

February 18, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Mad Men season 7 will have a premiere date later this year. Star Jessica Pare (Megan Draper) discussed her role in the show with GQ, following the end of season 6.

Nearing the end of that season, Megan leaves Don after he increasingly ignores her in favor of neighbor Sylvia Rosen.

Megan was further upset because she had quit her soap opera job to move to California with Don.

Pare said that she has a good relationship with Jon Hamm, who plays Don, despite their characters’ rocky relationship. 

“One of the writers said, “We’re having a good time putting Megan through the wringer,” she said. ‘But I love every single second I spend on set. Jon Hamm is the ultimate. He’s gorgeous, super-talented and so solid.”

See the full interview in the March issue of GQ.

Meanwhile, James Wolk (Bob Benson) told the Sioux City Journal that he’s not sure if he’ll be back for the final season.

“If there’s more of a story to be told and a way for me to do it, I would,” says Wolk, who now stars on “The Crazy Ones,” a CBS comedy. “But you never know what Matt has in mind.”



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