Finest Squad vs Anonymous vs Lizard Squad: PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Hacking Accusations Fly

December 26, 2014 Updated: June 26, 2015

While the reviled hacker group “Lizard Squad” has taken credit for the Xbox Live and PlayStation Network hacking that left servers down, another group has emerged to do battle with them.

In the wake of the hack, another group called Finest Squad, which has Anonymous imagery and says its leaders are “FinestSec and “FinestWarrant,”  said it gave information about Lizard Squad to law enforcement agencies.

However, Mega founder Kim Dotcom tweeted that he stopped the hacks–not Finest Squad. “Hi @LizardMafia, I want to play #Destiny on XBOX Live. I’ll give your entire crew Mega lifetime premium vouchers if you let us play. Cool?” he tweeted.

But an Anonymous channel claimed that a user called “Jord” is the “leader of Lizard Squad” and is “also the leader of Finest Squad.” The group added: “You have made an enemy of Anonymous by saying that we are supporting FBI and now you are all going down!” 

Xbox Live and PSN went down on Wednesday and were having trouble for most of Christmas. Lizard Squad, via its many Twitter feeds, wrote “PSN IS #OFFLINE.” It also said that if it got a certain number of retweets, it would return service to the networks.

In attempting to clarify its intentions, Finest Squad wrote: “We are not associated with LizardSquad. Their information was posted and now they are mad because millions are viewing it.”

And it added in a longer statement on YouTube: “Over the past day and a half it has been rough for not just us gamers but for the members of finest squad. We had plans to stop the lizardsquad from attacking playstation and xbox on the day of christmas, but we were only successful on Christmas Eve, limiting their attack to only 8 minutes.”

It added: “We will always stay by the side of gamers.”

But an Anonymous Twitter handle wrote Finest Squad isn’t affiliated with the group. “LOL people will believe the BS coming from because well, they spouted out hope and played the fame game. Liars,” it said on Friday morning.

It gets even more confusing as some users have claimed the Finest Squad is actually part of Lizard Squad/Lizard Mafia. Other Twitter users said Finest Squad are “good hackers,” while others said the two groups are one and the same.

And to compound matters even further, hacker Michael “Virus” Nieves was posting updates throughout the day on Friday, saying Finest Squad is just taking credit. “#LizardSquad has informants in their camp and are slowly being dismantled from the inside by their own. @FinestSquad is just taking credit, ” he tweeted.

Tech website Winbeta said it got an interview with group, saying the group started to hack the neworks “for the laughs,” but they then said there’s a “real cause” now.

The group told the site that it will continue to hack the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live as an attempt to highlight lackadaisical security measures implemented by both Microsoft and Sony.

The group did not give a time-frame on the series of intermittent attacks, adding the hacks will keep coming until the companies learned from their security mistakes.

When pressed, the group refused to acknowledge a time.