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What Is the ‘Republican Replacement Theory?’; the Inconvenient Fact About Mass Killings | Larry Elder LIVE

A Virginia man has been charged in a March shooting that killed a newspaper reporter and two other young bystanders when a fight broke out at closing time outside a Norfolk bar. But we only hear it now? Why? Because President Joe Biden, the Democrats, and the media only care about black people killed by a white person, ideally by a white cop.

But there’s an “inconvenient” fact about mass killings: white males are “underrepresented,” while blacks and Asians are “overrepresented.”

MSNBC “Morning Joe” regular guest Donny Deutsch said, “We don’t have the economy on our side,” so we need to “make it the Republican Replacement Theory”—an admission that calling Republicans “racist” is a diversion from the horrible economy.

Today’s Larry Elder Show guest is Brandon Straka, the founder of the #WalkAway campaign, a former liberal who has publicly walked away from the Left and created a grassroots social movement encouraging others to do the same.

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