Little Boy’s Trip to Disneyland Turns Magical When He Sees Military Dad Waiting for Him

March 30, 2019 Updated: April 4, 2019

Nothing can be more heartbreaking for kids than being separated from their parents for long periods of time. This is especially the case when the parent is an active serviceman or woman. One can imagine the delight one feels when a loved one returns home; for kids, this feeling can be twofold when it’s mama or papa who surprise their kids in unique ways.

For more than half a century, Disneyland Park in California has been the go-to place for fun and excitement. Not only is it a place for rides and thrills, but a place where loved ones can come together and create those unforgettable moments. The ones that really tug at the heartstrings are family reunions, and what better place than at Disneyland.

Illustration – Pixabay | saschaz3

One little boy got the surprise of his life when his mother took him to Disneyland. Upon entering the theme park, the boy’s excitement levels had grown as he was in a place that promised nothing but fun. The only person missing was his father, who had been away for five months because of his duties in the U.S. Navy.

Things were about to get much better for the young boy when his mom asked him to pose for a photo in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle. The mom was filming a video when “someone” slowly sneaked up and crouched behind him.

That “someone” was the boy’s father—someone whom the boy wanted to see most. When the boy turned around, he simply couldn’t believe his eyes: “Daddy!” exclaimed the little boy in astonishment. In a calm yet excited manner, the father smiled and replied “Hi!”

The dad was so eager to surprise his son that he made it to the theme park while still in his uniform.

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What followed next was an intense hugging session between the father and son as the crowd went “Aww!” Cheers and applause could be heard as onlookers couldn’t hide their emotions at the heartwarming reunion. It was truly a moment to savor for one and all.

“Daddy, I missed you,” he said in the video, to which the dad replied, “I’m home.” Still unable to digest the moment, the boy said, “I missed you, Daddy. I can’t believe you’re back!”

The kid was ecstatic as he was going to spend the day in Disneyland with his parents. The fact that his dad would be spending many more days with him was probably the icing on the cake. The incredible time they spent together at the theme park went beyond the gates and back at home.

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Moments like these are what folks simply can’t get enough of. The father loved his son beyond measure and planned everything to the last detail to surprise him. It was a beautiful homecoming, and the fact that it happened in Disneyland makes it even more magical.

People gathered around the father and son to capture the adorable moment on their cameras and smartphones. But we all know who among them was the happiest.

Watch the heartwarming reunion in the video below:

Soldier Homecoming

Military dad gives homecoming surprise to son at amusement park 💖Credit: JukinVideo

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