Little Boy Helps Severely Injured Best Friend Walk Again After Horrific Car Crash

February 18, 2019 Updated: February 19, 2019

A North Carolina boy who was injured in a car crash not only required surgery but also something to relieve his depression. Following the traumatic incident, he refused to get up, even while able to. Nothing was able to inspire him to stand up, save for one unconventional cure.

On Oct. 11, 2018, Tara Monday was driving back to her Reidsville home with her two young children, Leila and Rush, in the car when another vehicle crashed into them.

Gepostet von Tara Heuser Monday am Freitag, 12. Oktober 2018

“All the sudden a car right before us coming toward Greensboro crossed the center line and came and hit us head on,” Monday told WFMY.

The crash caused 7-year-old Rush to sustain internal injuries. He had to undergo emergency surgery.

“It was the scariest moment of our lives. And Rush was injured the worst out of all of us,” Monday told CBS News.

Gepostet von Tara Heuser Monday am Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2018

“I hear my daughter say ‘Rush are you ok?’ And I look over and Rush is on the floor screaming ‘my belly, my belly!’ and it was very hard, and I couldn’t get to him because my door was shut,” Monday recalled.

After the surgery, Rush was “feeling very scared and sad and defeated,” Monday told CBS News.

“He’s only 7. He was in a lot of pain. And he didn’t want to move, he did not want to get up and walk.”

No other words needed honestly. But I have to say that when Rush and Quinton met when they were 4 years old at…

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His best friend, 8-year-old Quinton, heard of the accident and wanted to visit him. At the news that Quinton would be coming, Rush perked up.

“When Quinton comes, I’ll get up and walk,” Rush told his mom.

True to his words, Rush got out of bed when Quinton arrived.

With Quinton by his side, Rush took his first steps down the hospital’s hallway.

Happy 8th Birthday to my second son Quinton! How lucky Rush is to have you as a best friend and brother. We love you Q 💙

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Quinton’s mother, Shamicka Neal, revealed that the news was indeed devastating for everyone, as they are all one big family.

“It just broke my heart, Rush is like my son,” Neal said.

Neal added: “I had to explain to Quinton what happened and he just broke down in tears and I had to explain to him ‘you know we have to be strong because if you’re gonna see rush we can’t be crying.’”

Little Quinton agreed to stay strong so that his friend could be strong.

Second grader teaches best friend how to walk again after car accident

These second grade boys are inseparable – so when one got in a devastating car accident, his best friend was right by his side helping him relearn how to walk.

Gepostet von CBS News am Dienstag, 13. November 2018

“That was his first walk down the hall and that’s the first time he was up,” Monday told WFMY. “It was a struggle but he was up and we are so thankful at the fact that Quinton was there with him, it’s amazing because that’s his best friend.”

The boys had been inseparable since they met at the age of 4.

Gepostet von Tara Heuser Monday am Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2018

“They don’t see in size difference, they don’t see in color differences. We don’t see like that,” Monday told CBS News.

“And we want Rush and Quinton just to show the world, ‘Hey, it doesn’t have to stop when you’re 7 and 8. It can be like this all the time.’”

Gepostet von Tara Heuser Monday am Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2018

What do the boys think of their bond?

“We’re brothers from another mother,” they said.

Ah, a friend in need is a friend indeed!