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Liberty vs. Vaccine Mandates in Europe; Public School Exodus; Race-Based School Discipline

Mass protests against vaccine passports and other mandates have erupted in France over the last month, as well as elsewhere in Europe and in the UK. But that’s not been the case everywhere. So what does dissent look like across the Atlantic? We find out from our three panelists.

We’re joined by Captain Alexandre Juving-Brunet, a former military intelligence officer in France and now a freedom activist; Alan Miller, the founder of the #OpenForAll campaign in the UK; and Sam Brokken, a Belgian public health professor who lost his job.

Then, in America Q&A, we ask: Should China be allowed to host the 2022 Olympic Games given its terrible human rights record?

Next, enrollment in private and Christian schools is way up. Tony Kinnett, a curriculum developer and founder of “Chalkboard Review,” is crunching the numbers in Indiana. He calls it an “exodus” from the public school system and is here to tell us what lies behind the trend.

Also related to schools, a set of proposed federal guidelines for teachers would set racial quotas for how to discipline children. Donna Jackson with Project 21, a black leadership network, thinks this is a terrible idea and will only lead to teachers getting branded as racists.

Finally, should women have to register for the draft? There’s a Senate bill making its way through the system that would make that mandatory. In our second America Q&A, we ask if it’s the right thing to do.

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