LG G3 Release Date, Specs: Phone Coming Out Later this Month but Not in US

The LG G3 will be released globally starting June 27, but the U.S. is not included.

LG made the announcement this week, saying Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines will get the LG G3 first. It’s already been released in South Korea.

After that, the rest of Asia, Europe, and the Middle East will get the phone.

The U.S. was not included in a press release that was sent out by the firm. 

“Following its strong debut in South Korea, LG Electronics (LG) will begin its global rollout of its highly praised G3 smartphone on June 27. LG G3 will first reach Asian customers in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines followed by the rest of Asia, Europe and the Middle East among other regions in July,” the release says.

“The LG G3 has received early praise from industry experts for innovations in its display, camera, design and user experience (UX) features. Developed with the motto ‘Simple is the New Smart’ in mind, the G3 was empowered with the best of what current technology has to offer, providing consumers with a simpler and easier user experience.”

LG says the G3 may have unique features in certain markets for “additional user convenience.”

“LG G3 smartphones sold in markets such as Europe and Asia will feature wireless charging, so can be charged using any Qi wireless charger as well as LG’s own portable wireless charger (sold separately). With LG’s new stand-type wireless charger, users can monitor and charge their phone at the same time by simply placing their device on the charging stand,” the release adds.

According to AndroidGuys, the expected price in Europe will be 615 euros/500 euros.

After it was released in South Korea, it sold 100,000 units in five days, outselling Samsung’s Galaxy S5 in the same period of time.